Our Team

Bastjan Alan James Schmidt (CEO)

is a full-time paramedic, has been flying in the simulator and on IVAO again since the beginning of 2020. In 2020, during the Corona crisis, the idea of ​​founding NordFly-VAG arose together with Nico.

Since then he has taken on the role of virtual manager.

Besides flying and piloting in the simulator, his hobbies also include riding. Thanks to a good friend, he also takes off in irregularities in real life.

Florian Doetsch (COO Event & OPC Team)

recently graduated from high school and is about to start his studies. In the long term, he would like to gain a foothold in the aviation industry as it is difficult at the moment due to the current circumstances.

His hobbies include (virtual) flying, as well as comedy, music and tennis.

At NordFly-VAG, Florian is responsible for the fleet and route planning. He also supports the event team.

Nico Perrech (Event & PR Team )

Is currently still a student, has been flying on IVAO since the beginning of 2018.

Since August 2020 he has taken on the role of Event Team and Promotion Team at NordFly.

In his free time, he mainly deals with photography and regularly pursues his interests in the field of virtual aviation.


Privacy is important to us! Not all team members want to be shown online. We accept this decision, which is why not all team members are presented here.