Our Team

CEO – Chief Executive Officer
Bastjan Alan James Schmidt

I am a full-time paramedic and have been flying in the simulator and on IVAO again since the beginning of 2020.

In 2020, during the Corona crisis, the idea of ​​founding NordFly-VAG arose together with Nico.
Since then I have taken on the role of the virtual managing director.

In addition to flying and piloting in the simulator, my hobbies also include horse riding; through a good friend, I also pick up irregularly in real life.

CCO – Chief Content Officer
Nico Perrech

Hi, I’m Nico and I’m currently in upper secondary school. In addition to school, I volunteer for a well-known aid organization.

Since the merger of RegioAir and NordFly, I have taken on the role of the virtual CCO. B. responsible for our social media channels.

As a simulator I use X-Plane 11 and the well-known MSFS2020, there I fly on both IVAO and VATSIM.

COO – Chief Operating Officer
Louis Wolf

CTO – Chief Technology Officer
Jonas Kühn

Hi, I’m Jonas, a computer science student and developer from Hamburg.

I’ve been flying in the simulator for quite a while (then still FSX, now XP11) and since 2020 also on VATSIM.

Since the merger of RegioAir and Nordfly, I have taken on the role of virtual CTO here.

CNO – Chief Network Officer
Jannis Deutsch

I’m Jannis, an electronics technician in training at a well-known aviation company.

I have been flying online since around mid-2020 and will soon start the virtual training as an ATCo on VATSIM.

At NordFly in the team I am, among other things, active in the field of online networks and serve as a direct contact for IVAO / VATSIM

CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

STAFF MEMBER – PR Department
Jonas Kersten

I’m Jonas and I come from beautiful Mainz. I am currently attending secondary school. I have been actively flying through the virtual sky in the XPlane since April 2021.
I mainly use the Vatsim network for virtual flying, but I am on the IVAO as a pilot.

In addition to virtual flying, I play the trumpet in our school band and am also active in football.

Since the merger with RegioAir and Nordfly, I have been supporting the PR department.


Privacy is important to us! Not all team members want to be shown online. We accept this decision, which is why not all team members are presented here.