What is a virtual airline?

A virtual airline simulates the flight operations of an airline.

The degree of realism differs from VA to VA and implemented concept. In order to make the simulation experience even more real, many VAs cooperate with networks such as IVAO & VATSIM.

What is online flying?

Flying online defines flying on a network.

The aim of these networks is to make the flight simulation experience even more realistic and to add the components of real virtual air traffic and sparks.

What networks are there?

The two largest networks are:

IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization) &
VATSIM (Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network)

Both networks simulate air traffic with real virtual pilots and radio traffic with virtual air traffic controllers.

What is the appeal of flying online?

The appeal of flying online is that it significantly increases the level of realism. In addition to other visually represented pilots or aircraft, the entire radio system is also simulated with all arrival and departure procedures. The phraseology corresponds to that prevailing in reality.

What do I need for flying online?

In addition to the software provided free of charge by the network, all you need to fly online is a headset and a stable internet connection.

You should be familiar with the aircraft you intend to fly.

Basic knowledge of English is essential, as in the real world of aviation.

I have great respect / fear of flying online.

This is not a problem! NordFly is happy to offer you an introduction to flying online.

One of our virtual flight instructors will be happy to take the time and prepare you for all phases and procedures including phraseology in online flying.

Simply contact someone from our team via Discord, email or contact form. We will immediately forward your request to the right contact person.