What is NordFly?

The Virtual Aviation Group emerged from a german group of real pilots to teach virtual pilots to fly. With a change in leadship within the group, NordFly – VAG was born, wich has been a “complete” package since September 2020.

NordFly itself is our registered virtual Airline on IVAO.

Die Nordfly – VAG now offers its members everything from an exchange opportunity, flight lessons to flying in a virtual Airline.

Who is behind NordFly?

Behind NordFly-VAG is a team of real pilots & simulator pilots.

NordFly concept

Our concept is easy to understand: Every pilot of our own airline is allowed to fly any type of flight right from the start without having to have an evaluation or having passed an examination.

Our routes can be made or left out of our own route sequences.
In order to provide a stimulus for success, we offer a two-stage rating.

Ratings can be made by collecting lessons and will be improved by our flight school. You can find more information on the website of our flight school.

Is NordFly for free?

Yes! The use of NordFly is completely free for our mebers!

How do I become a pilot at NordFly

To become a pilot at NordFly you have to meet the following requirements:

• You are at least 14 years old
•  You have an active account on IVAO
• You have at least the Rating FS2 or AS2
• You´re confident in handling you aircraft or take flight lessons with us after registration.
•  You pass pur entrance test
• You can speak and read German

Which systems does NordFly use?

Nordfly works with the latest software available on the market.

Currently still in the beta phase, we are using phpVMS version 7 in conjunction with the ACARS software.

We made a conscious decision to use this software in order to be able to support a large number of simulators in the future.

The flight recording is done by the ACARS program that starts at the beginning of a flight, the flight plan is submitted and at the end the pirep is created fully automatically. All important data of the flight are automatically recorded by the ACARS and later summarized in the Pirep, so manual entry is no longer necessary.

Our ACARS program also supports Simbrief, which further simplifies handling and keeps the effort low.

As the word already describes, the operation center serves the pilots as a center. Here you will find our predefined flights that can be booked, information on collected flight hours for Nordfly, ratings, AWARDS, meta, download centers and much more.

What liveries does NordFly have?

Nordfly has a large number of liveries for a wide variety of aircraft types and software manufacturers.

Nordfly has its liveries created almost exclusively by professional painters; this fee-based variant enables us to provide liveries from all common manufacturers.

How does NordFly communicate?

NordFly mainly communicates cia Discord, here you will find everything from text chat to voise chat that is nesessary to get in touch with other pilots.

What are the rules?

Nordfly – VAG rules:


1.1 Instructions from the staff team should be followed immediately.

1.2 The “Nordfly” VA is a pure virtual airline.

Application criteria:

2.1 You are at least 14 years old.2.2 You are in possession of X-Plane or P3d.2.3 You have an active IVAO account.2.4 You have at least the rating FS2 or AS2 on IVAO.2.5 You are confident in handling your aircraft or take flight lessons with us after registration.

2.6 You pass our short entrance test.

2.7 You own Discord (Free).

Flight operations:

3.1 The IVAO Rules & Regulations apply while flying online.

3.2 Please use current charts while flying online.

3.3 Each VA pilot should make 5 flights within 3 months.

3.4 Every VA pilot should plan his flight with a virtual flight planning tool (e.g. Simbrief).

3.5 Please use our SIM ACARS system during the flight.

3.6 Flight lessons as well as private flying for VA “Nordfly” can be counted as flight lessons.

3.7 In the event of a simulator crash, the flight below a flown distance of 60% will be refused.

3.8 After an offline flight, please indicate the route in the comments.

3.9 For online flights, a correctly completed flight plan must be submitted to IVAO.

3.10 At the beginning of each flight, you must stand on a “stand” / “gate”.

3.11 Every flight ends at the gate / stand.

Discord rules:

4.1 You are logged into the Discord server with your real first name.

4.2 The referral (kicking / banning) is handled internally using a “procedure in the event of rule violations”.

4.3 Please refrain from playing music or other inappropriate sounds.

4.4 Self-promotion or third-party advertising is prohibited without the exemption from the CEO or CO-CEO.

4.5 Harassing people, insulting them or using racist / sexist terms is strictly prohibited.

4.6 We treat one another with respect and are nice to one another.